Want to discuss more options?

If you'd like to get more support or discuss the way we can work with you, we'd love to offer you a free session to explore how we can perfectly meet your needs. Simply contact us at [email protected]

There are a number of reasons you might want to get in touch to discuss how we can tailor the Crafted Career Programmes for you and your team. For example you might like to:

  • modify content for a situation your business is going through that the programme can support,
  • offer a group workshop for your team, rather than having them attend the small group sessions available on here,
  • bulk buy courses for a large group of people at a discounted rate and make the enrolment process easier for them,
  • you may be a Career Coach yourself and want to make the programme available to your clients as part of a supported programme, so please talk to us about how to make that happen to.

Whatever it may be, we're always to keen to hear from anyone wanting to discuss career crafting in more detail.