Career professionals have long known about the incredible power of noticing what you enjoy at work (the tasks, relationships, meaningful moments) and then finding ways to enjoy them more often. It’s at the heart of what we help our valuable clients to achieve.
We sometimes call this Career Crafting.
In simple terms, Career Crafting means more consciously noticing the work that you do, identifying what you enjoy the most and then finding ways to experience these things more often.
Without this deliberate focus it can be too easy to get swept up in what you don’t enjoy, colleagues you’d like to hurt and days that drag on forever.
Career Professionals also know that when there is a significant event in our lives, we are sometimes forced to face uncomfortable truths, question what we stand for and revise our career aspirations.  All of these things can feel pretty darned hard, particularly if you haven’t got anybody supporting you so we wanted to build a programme that helped users to navigate this more smoothly.
We first started imagining The Crafted Career Programmes in 2020, when our world was in turmoil as we faced a global pandemic together.
Because of our personal experience of working in significant upheaval during the Canterbury Earthquakes (in New Zealand), we knew immediately that the world would need new ways to find hope, strength, and a plan for the future in an environment of disruption, uncertainty, and change. 
Luckily, our work and lives have exposed us to some incredible research and knowledge about what we might need at times like these so we immediately knew that a career programme which explored how to grow stronger and refocus on what’s important, would be perfect. 
In the Crafted Career Programmes, we like to think we’ve pulled this off, in a way that combines both the science and practical, easy to use resources.
We are all incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and truly hope that our programme creates the platform for you to design and craft your own exceptional career.
We look forward to supporting you on your journey towards a thoroughly Crafted Career.

Kathryn, Helen and Kirsty (the architects behind the curtain)